STYLETECH fluorescent cast pressure sensitive vinyl

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Cast Fluorescent Vinyl

Our fluorescent films are extremely bright, high gloss films designed for use in the automotive, RV, marine, architectural, roll label and general signage markets. These colors provide high visibility in daylight conditions, but are particularly eye-catching at dawn, dusk or at times when visibility is poor. Outdoor durability is up to 6 months based upon vertical exposure and applications.


Fluorescent Cast Vinyl



Fluorescent vinyl films are extremely bright, high gloss films designed for the use in the automotive, RV, marine, architectural and general signage markets.




FACE FILM: 2 Mil pigmented, high gloss, premium cast vinyl film.


ADHESIVE: 1 Mil high performance, white, solvent based acrylic, pressure sensitive.


RELEASE LINER: 78 lb silicone coated bleached kraft.


OUTDOOR DURABILITY: All fluorescent pigments will typically fade when exposed to sunlight. These films, as such, are recommended for short term applications only when used outdoor for less than one year.




PEEL ADHESIVE VALUES: 30 min. 72 hrs.
180º Peel Values 3.5#/in. 4.5#/in.


ELONGATION: 100% minimum.


SHELF LIFE: One year stored at temperature under 70°F and 50% relative humidity.


NOTE: Always pretest your specific substrate prior to actual application to determine product performance on that substrate.

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